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on 03 October 2021 about Dunkin Donuts in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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I was at Dunkin in Lehigh Acres FL Saturday morning (1022021) at about 9:20 in the morning. The store was busy as usual. There were 5 people in front of me. The line moved forward slowly over the next 5 or so minutes. I realized that this was due to people walking out because of the wait. After another 10 or so minutes there was still no one at the register taking orders. I went to the counter and asked the lady working at the coffee machine if anyone was working the register. She told I would just have to wait because they were busy and backed up. I waited another couple minutes and then left with nothing and went to Publix and bought two boxes of donuts. That took me a total of about 5 minutes in and out. They were busy also. Being busy is one thing but not managing the business equally and efficiently is not right. They were obviously giving precedence to the drive thru and deliberately ignoring the walk-in customers. They were giving precedence to cooked food and not simple donut orders (Dunkin DONUTS). It is obvious they need more help and the management team, both store and district need to get involved. Hiring is difficult but not impossible. Publix has plenty of help. I am not one to complain but having been in retail management for 50 years it pains me to see a great company doing such great business failing in it’s customer service obligation. This store had at least 4 customers walk out in the span of about 20 minutes that I was there. I am sure there were more that did because people were continuing to come in as I left. Bottom line is I can buy donuts anywhere but like Dunkin because I grew up with them in the ’60’s and ’70’s in the Boston area. I can only hope you can fix the problem so I can continue to shop there, otherwise I will have no other choice but to go else where. Also by the way, a couple of weeks earlier they were out of coffee at 9 in the morning on a Saturday and had to wait while fresh brewed……..

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The only thing that will resolve this is to get the store staffed up and properly scheduled and managed.

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