DraftKings complaint: Game frozen while playing

Complaint from Gamer_bob reported on 16 May 2023 about DraftKings

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My complaint:

I started playing casino games in draft kings, There is a new game called DraftKings Rocket. I bet $1000 each game, and manually bail out. I played for 20 mins earned good amount cause i was playing low rick. then I see the server stop responding. And auto bed was in progress, by the time server response, two games already passed. and I lost 2 games, meaning $2000 lost. I sent multiple mail and got replay that they did research and they don’t have any issue from their side. I sent the the image and audio proofs, but they don’t want to agree to share the what they researched and and neither refund my $2000. After I placed compliant. they started showing a pop up about their game that they know have some issue. I have this image as well. Sorry for long emails in attachments.

Suggested solution:

Provide Refund.

DraftKings complaint Game frozen while playing
DraftKings complaint Game frozen while playing
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