Dr Pepper complaint: Flat Dr pepper

on 12 August 2022 about Dr Pepper in category Food and Beverage Brands

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My complaint:

This is now at the 3rd pack of Dr pepper that I have bought that multiple in the pack have been flat. Two of them were from Dollar general and meridian Texas and they were 12 packs. We ended up having to throw them out. The last one was a 24 pack from Walmart in cleburne Texas multiple of them feel squishy almost a little deflated and extremely flat.. we love Dr pepper and at first we thought nothing of it but this is getting extreme and becoming a waste of money.

Suggested solution:

Replace with non-flat Dr pepper

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Judith Davis
Judith Davis (@guest_5549)
1 day ago

I am having the same problem. I am purchasing them from Wal-mart in Pikeville Kentucky. The one I just opened I purchased 1 week ago and the date is 10/10/22 and it is flat. Two packs before that, same thing.