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Statistics of Dove in the category Care Products

1 complaints last year
2.3 /10
3 ratings

Complaints overview

Style of the bottle

Complaint from on 08 May 2022 about Dove in category Care Products

I use the shampoo snd conditioner for dry scalp. Derma care scalp. The bottle is next to impossible to open. It has the sleek design. So sleek you can barely open it. Have to use a fingernail which I don’t... Read more

Skin Irritation

Complaint from on 17 September 2020 about Dove in category Care Products

I purchased the Dove Clinical Strength Anti-perspirant (cucumber scent) got skin irritation bad on my armpits after a few days of use, so I discontinued to use it and now use the Dove Care Advance Dry Spray (cucumber scent)... Read more