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I ordered a pizza and some cookies I called to cancel the cookies they had to avoid the whole order and we got disconnected there was no communication whatsoever so I didn’t even think I was going to get the pizza I heard a knock at the door and it’s this lady holding a pizza saying that I owe her $28 will nobody told me that it was even on the way nobody told me that it was to be paid with cash instead of a card I have a giant sized dog and she got out she put her hands around his neck and she almost got her face bit she was very rude an abusive and very unprofessional she’s lucky that she didn’t get hurt I had to struggle with the dog to get him into the house because he’s huge and she took off running and said some cuss words and speed off fast . with the pizza so had I known that I was going to have to pay cash I would have prepared for that I’m I’m disgusted with the way that she just appeared at my door and demanded cash I’m just really frustrated right now

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I Would like the pizza I ordered,I think the delivery driver needs to learn to not put her ha ns around a animals neck, learn customer service skills,,Very unprofessional and zero filter with her words,

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10 months ago - We have posted a tweet about your new complaint about Dominos Pizza

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