Complaint: Wrong pizza, the manager all unprofessional,no mask,no accommodations

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I ordered a pizza on line at around 833-835pm they said it should be ready at around 858-909pm I get there at 912pm they give me the wrong order then argue me up and down that ,thatsmy order and that I called instead of ordering online. So I guess they finally see that I ordered on line and that ,that was not my pizza the manager was so unprofessional not one time did she say well let me see what happened so I can get you ur order she was like it’s in the oven didnt try to accommodate me for there mistake and I ordered the pizza at 832pm here it is 9:24pm and I still dont have my dam pizza,they didnt have my mask on just a disaster. So a guy worker was walking with the pail of dough he slipped and fell and just got up went to the table and start to roll the dough not one time did he wash his hands just unsanitary especially with everything going on.Im just done I thought dominoes changed and would make things right for you well they didnt

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They should of accommodated me because they made a mistake they should of been more nicer or something if yall employees or managers had good customer service ain't no way in hell i should of still had to pay for that pizza I had to wait a whole hour for or rhey should said Ms. I'm so sorry for the mix up here is some bread sticks a lava cake or something nothing just rudeness

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