Complaint: Wrong order, unprofessional staff no customer service and lies.

on 30 April 2021 about Dominos Pizza in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

Wife placed an order online and upon contactless delivery one of the pizza’s was wrong. She called back and was told they would send the right pizza soon. She was also told she had to give the wrong pizza back to the driver in exchange for the correct pizza. No pizza ever arrived. My wife called again and was told the driver delivered the pizza which was not true since no one rang our door bell or asked for the incorrect pizza. She called for the third time and was basically lied to as she was told the driver had delivered the pizza. She said that was not correct and that they could not make another pizza since it had been delivered and it was a company policy after another extended hold on the phone the women she was talking to hung up. I then called and was told the same about the policy but she also stated with a good deal of attitude that I could pick up the correct pizza. Once I got to the location the staff wanted to know where the wrong pizza was. I stated that I was not told to bring it with me and was surprised since it was about a two hour cold pizza. The staff women who I had talked to did not indicate they needed the wrong pizza but needed it as proof it was the wrong order and needed to see it? Another staff person said they had to take a picture of it as proof as well. They where not willing to give me the correct pizza and I was told I had to give them the wrong pizza in order to receive the correct one. I had to run home and get the wrong pizza which no one had touched and return to the location. As I was leaving a delivery driver arrived and I asked him if he was the only driver on duty now. He said yes and I asked him if he made a second delivery to my address. He indicated he didn’t make a delivery to my street and I was attempting to find out more information about what had happen to my pizza the staff person at the counter started raising her voice and tell the driver he didn’t need to talk to me and for him to get in the location. I went home got the wrong pizza, took it to the location and upon arriving they simply glanced at the pizza which was whole and it was throw away in about 20 seconds after that and no one ever took a picture of the pizza. It is clear to me that we were lied to about the second delivery and probably and the pizza picture policy as well.

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Justified complaint?

Suggested solution:

At the very least the staff at the lime and possibly the staff at the location has to go through some additional training on customer serves and customer relations.

Termination of the counter person at that time should be look at if she has received other complaints.

Reimbursement of the payment on my order or some other monetary compensation (gift card, Free food etc.)

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