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My boyfriend and I ordered pizza for us and a friend. The pizza checker online said it took 20-25 min in the oven (awesome, quick), was being “quality checked” for 42 MINUTES (what?!?!!!!). We finally called the store when Richard, the manager said it is out for delivery and said it would be 25-30 before he got here. We live a mile away from the dominos location. I called back after 35 minutes where I waited for 7 minutes on hold listening to the automated hold message, before he told me that he was slammed and that we should know how long it takes on busy nights. The pizza didn’t show up for another 15 minutes, making it a total of 50 minutes to deliver our pizza?! Even on very busy Fridays or Saturdays we have NEVER waited that long for our pizza. It was barely warm, all correct but had a soggy box already. I cannot believe this branch is able to get away with this. They have been for so long. Something needs to resolve this. There is definitely a reason our branch is barely above a 2.5 rating.

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One should look at the sales, determine how busy it actually was, determine how to retrain the staff at that location better to be more equipped for “slammed” nights, train them on sequencing orders so that pizzas are not going into the oven to wait 70 minutes before they reach their destination, train them to answer their phones in a timely manner, train them to update their online checker if that’s so important. Whatever it is, I demand my money back and would like to see quality inspections done here regularly so the name of dominos pizza doesn’t diminish. I have had dominos every once in a while from multiple locations around the country for over 10 years and this location has always been the least consistent or reliable I have ever had. I’m finally fed up.

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