on 20 October 2020 about Dominos Pizza in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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I placed an online order at 10:32am and paid online as well. Per the ation the order would take 9 – 19 minutes which would make it ready between 10:41am and 10:50am. I was at Dominos at 10:40am. There were 3 guys inside. One came out and went to the gas station next door, got a coke and went back in. Same guy came out again and went inside of a white car. Went back inside Dominos. I went to the door at 10:53am. The door was locked. The sign outside the door says they open at 10:00am and it also says 10:00am online. One of the guys pushed a button and opened the door. The so called manager (I found out later) said he doesn’t have any orders. I went to my car and got my phone. He went and pushed a button on there screen and the order was there. He still asked to see my phone after I had already gave him my name. Not only was my pizza not done but they hadn’t even started on it. The guy (supposedly the manager) said it would be ready in 5 mins. It wasn’t. He said well do you want a soda. The next guy I talk to was support he district manager. He came in rude because the other guy had already told him what I happened. He again said well it’ll be ready in 5 minutes. I had been in there way more than 5 minutes with no pizzas. The “district manager” keeps telling me they’ll be ready shortly. I said you know this is unacceptable. My orders were here they just…… he cuts me off and says well do you want a complementary soda. I said are you serious. No I don’t want a soda. He went and got my pizzas and slid them to me and said bye have a great day ma’am. These pizzas were for elderly people that cannot get out so I took the pizzas. If it wasn’t for them I would have left them pizzas and got my money back.

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They really should refund my money because they have no respect and no customer service skills. The way they talked to me is UNACCEPTABLE and they need to fix that problem first.

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