Complaint: treated like a black man ordering dominos in a all white neighborhood wherer i know i shouldn’t b in d 50s

on 04 June 2020 about Dominos Pizza in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

I ordered my pie on line large bk pep,mush,roasted red pepper
I waited 30 min 4 my pie n d app said 12min I was there b 4 d cops n 1 other customers n they both got their pie b 4 me even though I order b 4 both of them, d officers got theres which was fine with me ,then i asked
about my pie e93 they said not yet then a white guys which came 7 to 8 min after me got which was supposed to b his pie n I was cool with dat cause we talked n watch d moon with my new monocular dat how I killed time patiently he walked to d corner opened d box n saw he had d wrong pie then 2 or 3 guys look n d box n sees it my pie n I refuse it n told them u or d gentlemen had ur mask on ur faces n its of covid 19 id like to have another pie , mind u they were so polite with d exchange with d guy b 4 me n told me u take it or u leave it ,n i said I wud like another pie then he said no ,no take ur money n go home i said y can’t i have another pie then he went 2 d register n put d cash on d counter n insisted i leave , then i agreed if he gave me his name as I took out my phone n started recording cause he n his partner was telling me to go the ef home i said I will as soon as he gives me his name or get me a manager, then he stated to make sexual advances @ me n asking me if I lime him or like men is dat y I’m recording him then I ask if I can have his name then I will leave n i still ask 4 his name again n then d 2 of them approached me n pushed me out of d store n put me n so much pain by d time I got a block later n was sweating profusely n excruciating back cause I had a epidoral done d day b4 so much dat d housing cops officers offered to call me a ambulance ,I refused due to covid
I felt I was treated as d black who were booted outta Inwood d night b4 I i was humiliated cause this was my favorite dominoes with new staff d old guys were so polite n d pie is d best to me but I haven’t been there since d beginning of d Corona pandemic plus I have recommend all my fam n friends to what I saw was d best dominoes, then it was about a staff of 2 or 3 dat was so productive n wud treat u as d pizza was insured b4 d promotion existed yet there was 6 of them n they refused me services

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font totally know what I shud request after such horrific night
I must speak to someone about it so pls call me 347 219 1251
I have video footage of the incident

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10 months ago - We have posted a tweet about your new complaint about Dominos Pizza

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