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on 18 September 2020 about Dominos Pizza in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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I arrived at the store about 15mins-20mins after placing my order and even though the screen showed my pizza was ready the young lady walks back to look for it says she doesn’t see it and when did I place it, I pointed to the screen and said its that one that says done. she goes back to the guy preparing the pizza he looks up at me then puts his head down and tells her something. she comes back to the front counter and tells me its not done it going in the oven and will be ready in 10-15mins. I recognize the guy and I’m certain he recognized me from an earlier incident awhile back and wasn’t comfortable with him preparing my pizza but I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want to make an issue of it. one of the young ladies I spoke with was willing to compensate me with wings for this however this male employee interjected and said no. he comes up to the front desk and I told him my issue with the pizza coming out 30-40mins after I placed the order. he responded well we’re busy, what am I supposed to compensate everybody that we get behind on I told him I cant speak for everybody I can only speak for myself and I have got here after placing my order 20-30mins ago and still had to wait an addt’l 10 mins for it to be prepared and brought out. when I asked for his information he said his name was Luke and he didn’t have to give me anymore information. I asked for his managers name he wouldn’t provide it and stated that he was the manager. then while I’m writing this information he clearly mumbles bro get the fuk outta here!!! I stated excuse me and he looks at me and stated you got your pizza now go i stated to him listen don’t tell me what to do and he replied ill call the cops on you if you don’t get outta this store right now and don’t come back. I told my little 8th grade age son who was with me to take the pizza and wait for me at the car. but before my son could even leave the store he begins yelling across the counter get the fuk out of here or im calling the cops several times which lead to a heated argument across the counter as i was exiting the store with my son beside me. not only do i have to now find a way to explain his behavior to my son, i got home and realized this pizza only had 2 of the 3 toppings that i requested. i had another incident with this same employee awhile back and i confident that yesterday incident was in retaliation for me reporting the earlier incident to his manager on site that day. i get pizza from here every thursday and im certain he remembers who i am which is probably the reason my pizza was prepared incorrectly and late which it never has been before. in the earlier incident i called twice and was immediately placed on hold by luke then when i arrived at the store while still on hold he was lolly gagging in the back talking and joking around with another employee then when i told him im the customer you left on hold and is still currently on hold. he said oh well your here now so what do you want extremely rude. everytime i look at the commercial where dominos advertises they will go over and beyond to make your order right and treat customers with respect and courtesy im reminded of that incident. completely false!!! i have never been disrespected to that degree or been cussed out by an employee at any other restaurant but dominos. as long as dominos keeps employees like this i refused to eat at any of their restaurants and will pass this information on encouraging others to use pizza hut or anyone else!! in addition he had his mask pulled down below his nose and even his mouth at some points the whole time he was preparing pizzas

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corrective action is necessary!!!! There is no way i would ever allow an employee to carry out this behavior and stay employed at my business.

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