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They are lucky I have to put a star to do this review otherwise I wouldn’t give them one. The worst service ever. I recom6going to any other pizza place then here and they lost my business. I will be filing a complaint to corporate for sure. I already left district manager Javier a message due to the incompetence hisbstat at the chino location provided not only myself but another gentle too. I called y order on 612020 @ 5:30 pm for 2 pizzas I was told 15 mins to pick them up so I left later went to the grocery store for other things including stuff that is in the same center where dominos is in right across from them and i had stuff that would melt because I said okay they 15 mins it would be ready it’s 15 mins away from my house but I need to get stuff at the store which I did and by that time my pizzas would be ready so I went to get the pizzas and paired for the pizzas but they were not ready. I was told another 10 mins on top of the 15 originally told to me by the phone girl. Which added 15 mins to get there plus 15 mins in the grocery store is 30 mins that’s plenty of time right? Nope I was told after they ran my card it would be additional 10 mins. I said Why? You told me 15 I have you more then enough time to get my pizzas ready I have stuff that will go bad in my car. I asked for a manager. I get some girl who looked like she cooked he pizzas and a manger to come out and tell there would be an additional 20 min on top of the 30 and 10 I was told when I paid. I told her you cannot tell people a time and then turn around and give other times adding more time. Whom is the district manager I was give the Javier and phone number which I called.
Now the gentleman before was shared 20 mins and they added another half to what he was shared plus a additional 10 mins so an hour for pizza and if you wanted deliveries over an hour he got mad asked to be refunded by this so called manager and she said depending on your bank your credit will show up he got too and left. I finally got my pizzas at 6:45pm. This is unprofessional and corpate will definitely being here this. The fact that Dominos staff feels that there time is more valuable then others is unethical.

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Give me the correct time to pick up my food so that my other grocery didntbstart to go bad.

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10 months ago - We have posted a tweet about your new complaint about Dominos Pizza

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