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on 10 August 2020 about Dominos Pizza in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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On 9 Aug around 5pm I went to the branch outlet to but some pizza for dinner for family. It was a take away. At the counter, I tried to place an order but was told by the woman staff that i need to scan the bar code which I don’t have an issue with that though it was a take away and then I was later told I need to wear a mask in spite of the fact that I wasn’t dining in and it was a take away. I didn’t have one at the moment cause the one I had had a broken strap. The cashier insisted and I told her that my mask strap broke and I didn’t have one at that time and I wanted to take away. She insisted that I wear a mask in spite of my predicament and I was also alone in the store at the moment ordering as a client and she would not take any order without a mask. I sincerely didn’t have one due to the broken strap. Moreover it was a take away and even if it was a dining in, anyone would still need to remove the mask to eat. I was angry being rejected of my purchase due to a mask and one of the staff was without a mask cooking in the kitchen as well. Why the hypocrisy????? Don’t blame the pandemic for slow sales when your staff turned down a possible big order for pizza for a family who loves pizza. It is weird to turn away business that came to you. The rude staff wasnt trained well to manage business to arrogantly reject orders. Even the pizza delivery guy who walked in sneered at me rudely. What a bummer!!! You got to train your staff courtesy!!!! What a great let down. I ended buying Pizza Hut which still need to scan the barcode but they were more understanding about the mask. I don’t need a mask since it is takeaway and there was no one except me. Eventually they got the business worth RM137.

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Train your staff well on courtesy and learn to understand the plight of customers. Don't you think as customers we are more concern about the pandemic when we see a staff in the kitchen without mask??? Train your staff to use discretion and use their brains to think rather than taking orders blindly.

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