Complaint: Reckless driving delivery driver incident – near collision

on 08 June 2020 about Dominos Pizza in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

I was coming to a stop at a red light on Clinton ave and N maple, the sign said “no turn on red”, and this delivery driver came flying around me on the left side to cut me off to turn on red and nearly hit me because I wasn’t even at a full stop yet. I was still moving toward the light. I looked and saw that he was wearing a dominoes uniform and I quickly got his plate numbers. Then I came to the dominoes store I am sure he was probably coming from to verify if this is where he works and the manager acted like he could care less, tried to say he wasn’t sure but yes they have two drivers who drive ho da civics but he can’t give me any information or verify the plate numbers that I wanted to give him. He barely even listened to me when I was telling him what happened and walked away from the window turning his back on me as he said “this is stupid sh$ that I don’t have time for”. At which point I told him I will not only report the driver but his poor management. Also I called the store before going in physically and was hung up on twice as in someone picked up the line and just immediately hung up twice. Which this store is known for doing which is why I don’t call to order here anymore. As I stood in the store I noticed the phone was ringing off the hook and no one was answering. The license plate number S76 LEM. I spoke to a customer service rep about this complaint and I mistakingly gave her “276LEM”. The complaint number is 4576058. As I just got off the phone with her the driver actually returned to the store and I got pictures of his car.

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Suggested solution:

Driver should be fired or written up. He will eventually cause an accident. He also committed a traffic violation while conducting company business and almost caused a collision while doing so.

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