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on 28 September 2020 about Dominos Pizza in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

On Saturday Sept. 26, 2020 about 4:00 p.m. I ordered 2 $5.99 pizzas (so I thought) an order of boneless wings and a chicken Taco pizza. The total came to $42.40. He asked if it was paying with cash or charge. I told him cash, and he didn’t say anything.
When I got to the store I forgot to ask why it was so expensive. The cashier asked if it was cash or charge and I said cash (he didn’t say anything). I handed him $43.00. He asked me if it was okay for him to keep the change. I found .40 cents and gave it to him. Then I said, I can’t believe that you wanted to keep my money. He responded with there is a coin shortage and we can’t lose money. I said, but it is okay if I lose money? He just said have a good day.
My complaints are:
1. If you don’t have change then you should tell you customers on the phone as well as in person that you don’t have change. I would have opted to charge it if that was a problem.
2. The cost exceeded more than we expected. When we got to dominoes I tried to find a menu with a price so I could see why it was so expensive and there were no prices on the menu.
3. Our chicken wings were not boneless. Maybe that affected the price but I ordered boneless.
4. I haven’t ordered from Dominoes in a very long time and I am very disappointed in the customer service. I wanted to support your company but I don’t see that happening again.
5. I was not given a receipt.

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Suggested solution:

Send me an email with an apology and an explanation of why it cost so much. Offer me something free. Also, explain to people working at Dominoes that they should tell people when they call that you don't have change.

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