Complaint: No toppings for pizza delivered

on 29 September 2020 about Dominos Pizza in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

We ordered 2 large 4 topping pizzas online from a coupon in the mail. We ordered one with; pineapple, chicken, green pepper, onions, the other we ordered mushroom’s, onions, green pepper, and hot peppers on half, and jalapeños on the other half.

Pizzas came with no onion, green peppers, or mushrooms. One pizza had pineapple and chicken, the other just the hot peppers, and jalapeños. We called the store and they said they have no onions, no green peppers, and no mushrooms. Therefore they couldn’t make our pizzas and offered a credit. If we knew they didn’t have those items, we would have ordered from somewhere else. As it was a online order promo only, the website didn’t show that this location were out of toppings. What pizza place runs out of toppings on a Monday? How can they make pizzas without these basic toppings?

We are not happy with the credit, and would have been happy to give the pizza’s back in exchange for refund. We are good repeat customers at Domino’s and have ordered many many times from them. We are not happy, and frankly will likely not use the credit, much less ever order from this location again. Very disappointed. Pizza with only hot peppers was disgusting, just a dried piece of dough with burnt cheese and peppers. Was not appetizing to look at, at all.

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Suggested solution:

They need a way of uploading issues such as no toppings at a location where franchise pizzas are being made, to the website. They should in a situation like this, have gone to a grocery store and bought a bunch of fresh mushrooms, onions, and green peppers. They are in great supply anywhere in a dozen stores in close proximity to this store on Upper James. Or close the store until they can restock. A pizza with nothing but hot peppers should never leave the door when 3 other toppings aren't available, period. And a customer should be able to request their money back. I didn't want a credit, I wanted to buy food somewhere else. This franchisee should be notified, and put under some kind of probation. It's ridiculous to assume people in 2020 under the veil of a pandemic no less, to simply accept this kind of shawdy performance as simply ok. I know it's just a pizza, but what's right is right, and this was plain wrong.

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