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My complaint:

Wednesday, August 26, 2020.

I placed an order online for two Pepperoni Pan pizzas while at work, at 3:30 pm. I was able to choose the option Driver No Contact by giving the driver instructions where to leave the pizza. The option popped up on the website once choosing Delivery, and choosing a time slot of 4:15 pm. for Domino’s to begin making the pizza.

I get off work at 4pm. and go pick up my daughter from summer camp, who is two blocks away from my job. Around 4:15pm, after picking up my daughter, I noticed that Domino’s (at the location I placed the call) called me twice at 3:52 pm. I called back immediately and the young man on the phone said I had to come pick up the pizza because their location does not do No Contact Delivery.

I asked, Is my pizza ready? The person places me on a hold and never comes back to the phone. I called back several times back to back, and each time no one picked up or I was immediately placed on hold. During one of the calls, someone hung up the phone while I was waiting on hold. So, I called an Uber to head over to the location: Store 4423 – 401 S. Market Street, Wilmington, DE 19801.

I arrive and give my name to the young girl at the counter. Nobody knows what I’m talking about. I show them my receipt in my email with all of the details, and was asked, Am I sure I placed an order at their location? After giving me the run around, the girl at the counter tells me she CANCELLED my order! CANCELLED. She said she cancelled it because I didn’t pick up when she called at 3:52 pm. I said, I called back, but no one would answer. I called and called and called and someone who sounded like a boy told me to come pick my pizza up. The girl told me she didn’t know who would give me incorrect information.

The time is around 4:30 – 4:45 pm. The girl claimed that because she cancelled my order, I should have not been charged. Then, they proceed to make my order again in front of me, while I have an Uber outside waiting on me. I did not leave out of Domino’s between 5pm – 5:10 pm. I was absolutely furious. Absolutely furious!

It was no issue to come in person to pickup the pizza… But, to CANCEL my order because I missed the call???! To not answer my call or placing me on hold after SEVERAL attempts to talk to someone before coming down there????!!! Then, I have to wait for my pizza to get made after I placed the order at 3:30 pm and don’t receive it in my hands until after 5pm!!!

The only person that apologized to me was the person that cuts the pizza in sections and places it on the rack to be picked up. While my pizza was coming out of the oven and being sliced, I saw a older woman with curly, shoulder-length hair take about 4-5 pizza boxes out for delivery. So, that was VERY confusing to me.

This is not the first time I complained to Domino’s about their TERRIBLE service at this location. I don’t even order from Domino’s anymore because every time I order from this location, I have a terrible experience from Store 4423. I absolutely hate this location and will not be ordering again. I’ll keep ordering from Papa John’s after this terrible experience. It completely up-setted my family night.

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Suggested solution:

I want an apology from Domino's.

I want them to train their staff properly on how to conduct a satisfactory service to customers.

Fire the person that cancelled my order because I missed her call.

Never let this happen again to another customer.

Get a better supervisor, because there was no one there to inform my complaint.

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