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I ordered Domino’s Pizza yesterday at 10:59 and that would be September 3rd from the Dominos located at 1681 Rice Street Roseville Minnesota 55113 so 10:53 like I said order the pizza at approximately I think it was 12:30 I got a text saying my pizza was on the way and the person never showed up to deliver it because I don’t know why but I have witnesses here because I had a team of people that are renovating my house and they were hungry and I promised them food after a long day’s work so the driver never showed up they waited around till probably 1:30 in the morning and I felt really stupid for promising them food that did not come the next morning pizza was sitting on my front porch with ants all over it and I paid for this pizza almost $40 and then two nights before that I tried to order for my crew of workers and they said that the order was being prepared by a guy named Christopher and then they canceled my order so then I called Domino’s Pizza well it would have then yesterday afternoon and told her that he had never shown up last night and now the pizza is just sitting there on my front porch and I don’t want to touch it I just had my steps redone and it’s three stripping off of it and ants all over it and I said if I’m going to pay for this pizza which never came when it was supposed to for whatever reason can they at least come and take it off my porch off my front steps and she said you know what you can do you can throw it in your trash and I said I paid for this pizza that never arrived and then he sneaks it onto my porch an hour or more after that he says he’s on his way which is 8 minutes from my house not even and then she’s rude to me and tells me I could throw it in my garbage it’s still sitting on my front steps I’m thinking of making a complaint to the public you know and I figured I’d give you guys a chance to resolve it but how disgusting a service that is I’m totally upset about this the order was at least $40 I believe and I didn’t even get the food until it was too late the guy must have been hours it took 2 hours for them not to show up in for me to pay for pizza that’s full of ants on my front step. I’m not picking it up now there’s going to be damage to my steps that I just had done so I want to know what’s going to be done am I going to have to have you pay for my steps to be redone again or is somebody going to reimburse me for at least the meal and the rudeness I mean I will not eat there again at that location ever I wouldn’t trust them to do that I hope that your company is better than that it’s just terrible and by the way the girl who said that I could throw it in my garbage her name was Ashley and she was extremely rude I’m disgusted in their service or lack thereof the phone number I had ordered under is in the past I have two different phones you can check both phone numbers for my orders one is 612-261-9080 and the other phone number that I use is a 612 772 7250 and my name is Gigi Romig you can call me or send me an email to either or

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I should be reimbursed for the pizza that never arrived until God knows when and that I am going to have to remove from my front steps that's covered in ants that I shouldn't have to deal with and I think that's somebody should have to pay for my steps to get redone come on the oil that's on there because I just had them redone I've been remodeling my house for months and my steps were beautiful and now they're full of ants and grease and I want an apology

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