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on 12 April 2020 about Dominos Pizza in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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So I Placed An Order Online Consisted Of The Philly Cheese Steak Pizza Large And 40 p.c Wings And I Get A Call From The Store Saying That they are Out Of Wings . Mind You the Time Is 11:55pm While Im On The Phone With The Worker. He Said I Would Have To Cancel The Order And Then Re Order Online , Now The Time Is 11:57pm . The Website Says That If I Order Before 12am I Will Still Get The Order, Now Again The Time Is 11:57pm . So I Asked Because Of What The Website Says I Will Not Be Able To Reorder Within The Time Length I Have Left . So I Asked If I Could Just Do It Over The Phone He Said “Yep” And He Got Silent And I Could Hear Rap Music In Back Ground (Trippie Redd) To Be Exact And Then He Hangs Up On Me , I Call Again The Same Person Answers Then Hangs Up. I Call One More Time , The Time Is 11:59pm . I Basically Ask Whats Going On Mind You It’s The Same Guy AGAIN. From That Last Conversation I Hung Up Because He’s Just Rude All Together . I Understand Money Will Be Refunded But Its Still Gone From My Account , I Just Got Off Work And Wanted To Feed My Kids , So You Tell Me If This Was The Right Way To Handle This .

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That worker makes Dominos Look Like a unprofessional Company. Something needs to be done about him and I would like some reassurance that this incident will not go handled undone .

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