Complaint: Disrespectful Management and staff

on 06 February 2021 about Dominos Pizza in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

Ordered my usual for dinner tonight 25, I go to this same dominos like every other day literally, order the same kind of pizza and the same chicken bites. I always get EXTRA CHEESE AND EXTRA SAUCE!! These People never people extra anything and I never complain, but today I complained because I specifically called the location and ask them to make sure to put the extra sauce and cheese because the past few times it seems like I haven’t got it. The man says ok will do. I get my pizza, get home and BOOOOM.. NO EXTRA SAUCE, NO EXTRA CHEESE THAT I PAID EXTRA FOR.. so I immediately got mad and called to speak to the manager. Manger was placed on the phone and was very unprofessional. I started to explain my complaint and looking for a peaceful resolution, but of course it escalated because the Unprofessionalism coming from the manger there tonight whom needs to be fired or Reprimanded for his foolishness toward ME(the customer)immediately and retrained on dealing with irate customers. anyways my complaint over the phone went nowhere because I was cut off and hung up on because I used “goddamn” in a sentence while voicing my complaint. I was also told I’m not allowed to patron there for food anymore. Just ALL OUT RUDE. After being hung up on by a manger I immediately hopped in my car and went back up to the location with the food I just purchased not even 10 min prior. Politely ask for the manger whom hung up on me, which he asked how can he help. I explained to him how unprofessional he was to be treating customers this way whom come more then most on a weekly bases(Me). And he could have dealt with the situation better and need to NOT be running a location let alone a entire crew, which not to mention they were all unprofessional too especially the black chick workin in the front with those stupid thick lashes on that she needs to take off they are soo ugly. But anyways as I spoke to the manager it escalated once again and words were exchanged and I asked for my money back, he as a manager, acted very very unprofessional and I hope whoever is reading this you are in a position to make some decisions to have those employees and manger get a little sit down about this because I would never want or even have some one like them working in my establishment who dont know how to deal with the public customers upset or not. Im not a happy camper at all, I eat to much dominoes to be treat like this by a person whom suppose to resolve and fix the situation not make it worse. I hope I hear from someone higher up regarding this escalated issue with this location and the staff there and trying to figure out a resolution to this issue because this isn’t right and i surely don’t want it to happen to any other customer who decides heshe wanna complain about something that they spent they’re hard earned money on.

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Figure something out for inconvenience.

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