Complaint: burned pizza and brownies. Unprofessional male in charge.

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My complaint:

I ordered my food on line. Using the tracker. Made it clear to call me when to my home. Never happened. This tracker saying my food was being quality checked for over 30 minutes. Then took another 20 minutes to get to me. When I am 3 miles tops from store. I open my pizza box and my pizza is cold. Okay im thinking then I look again and their is a burn hole the size of the bottom of a 12 oz.can of soda with 3 other burnt spots on it. I called the store to ask them to please resolve the matter. And the guy is silent not giving me any answers,no im sorry,no reasons,nothing. Then asks if im picking it up. I didnt pick up the first time when I ordered now why would why considering the fact that you knew what the pizza looked like when it came out of oven,cut it and boxed it up right along with my rock hard burnt brownies. And still chose to deliver the food to me in that state.if anything you should be offering to deliver it to me. He said it would be made but it would be an hour or so before it would be to me. Why would you make my food and then put in a warmer for an hour before its delivered to me. Im thinking. Then not even 2 mi uses later i get a call back from some loud mouthed rude guy saying this is dominos what’s wrong with your pizza. I told him and he rudely says how can you cheese be separating from your crust. I proceeded to tell him then stopped and said why are you questioning me. Your the one who quality checkef my food for 26 minutes before it left the store. He then told me that I will not be getting any food from there. I told him this matter will be dealt with. He was very condisending. Unprofessional and this isnt the first time I have had to deal with the poor customer service skills this location has. I went on the stores reviews and im surprised that corporate has not stepped in to handle the matters at hand. With all the bad reviews this location has. I am very insulted with the way the employees speak to the ppl. that help them get their pay checks. I work for a major international c store and am a manager as well.

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Suggested solution:

First and foremost I would like for corporate to look at the reviews on this location. And step in to handle these severe issues that are obviously not being dealt with. And havent been for a good couple of years from what all the reviews show. This isn't good for the dominos name or guarantees supposably given to us customers. Secondly I would like to know that im not going to have to deal with rude,unprofessional management and staff at this location. Its more than obvious in the reviews. Which i thought was monitored by corporate. Third I want my $ back and or my food that I paid $27.00 for and plus almost $5.00 tip. Please take care of this matter look into how many unsatisfied ppl.there are and how much business you lost due to staffing and lack of help there.

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