Complaint: Bad customer service experience and wings

on 06 October 2020 about Dominos Pizza in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

I ordered 4 items online and I selected to add 2 garlic sauces since I bought 2 medium pizzas. I get to the store and once they gave me my food I checked and I didn’t have the sauce. I said “can I please have the 2 garlic sauces and the two ladies huffed and puffed and walked away. Another customer came in the store and they proceeded to help her and I said “excuse me I’m still waiting for the sauce that I ordered”. The lady goes to get it and comes back and says that’s $1.50 I tried to explain to here that I selected it online under quantity of sauces and she was very nasty. So I had $1.45 on me and I asked her if that was ok since I just paid $32 and she said no I needed $1.50 because they have to charge for the sauces. So I ended up going to my car for about 3 minutes just to find .5 cents. Then my wings were very soggy and I asked if they could put them back into the oven longer and I explained to her that online there was no option to get wings well done only pizza. They didn’t do that so I ended up paying and leaving with soggy wings. I asked for a manager and she said “ my name is Caitlin and I am the district manager”!

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I don’t think that I should’ve been treated like that over .5 cents and if I wanted my food cooked longer since I paid then I think they should’ve done it or gave me my money back and kept the food. Instead I was treated very nasty and I’ve never had this problem at that store location ever!

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