Complaint: Aggressive and Very Dangerous Delivery Driver

on 02 October 2020 about Dominos Pizza in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

Our family were on the road coming home from the store in the rain with a baby on board. I (Father) was driving the speed limit throughout when a Domino’s delivery driver came very uncomfortably close to our vehicle. I slowed down to let them know that they may be closer then should have. Noticing that heshe did not slow down. I pulled off to the side and let them pass. They speed off with aggression. I believe that this was a dangerous situation and that it could have been resolved if this person would have thought about the safety of others while keeping the business name and integrity mindful. Instead of that, heshe gave us the finger twice and a exchange of words were made. I will be thinking of resolving this problem with the authorities as I wrote down their license plate and took a picture as evidence.

The picture may be blurry due to rain but the license plate is KRM-3236 – Blue Toyota SUV with Domino’s Pizza sign on the top.

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Suggested solution:

Please remind Domino’s that it is okay to be late if nothing could of helped a situation but a life is not worth the same as of a pizza. I want something to be done effective immediately. If not. I will be contacting further into corporate for a resolution.

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