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I order pizza from this location daily today I ordered an extra large Brooklyn style pizza with ham and pineapple on top there’s no extras added to this pizza that’s not ask for anything else the pizza was delivered 10 minutes which is great but the problem with that is the pizzas delivered raw the outside of the crust was brown like it should be but the bottom of the crust was still doughy and even worse the pizza cheese was in clumps like like it was raw like it had not been cooked at all like it had been put on the pizza just minutes before it had come out of the oven..I asked a manager when I called back to complain if you would switch it out for something half the price of that pizza and they refused even though I’ve made no complaints in the past I order from this place every day I was very nice to the person who answered this manager refused to take the phone himself and had the new employee take all the dirty work for him he should be fired the manager’s name is Brandon I’ll never call this store again and will be spreading this information on every social media platform I can find I’m now afraid based on his actions that he’ll spit in the pizza or worse I’m too grossed out to eat the replacement and have plenty of pictures to prove my tale

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Suggested solution:

1)cook your food 2( resolve mistakes you make while making the pizza immediately or start over don't throw ingredients on pizza halfway threw cooking 4) manager should take phone calls when asked 4) practice customer satisfaction 5) send me the different item I ordered you can see in my pictured the two different stages of cooking the cheese is at indicating it was put on later and not cooked enough you can also see the sloopy way the pizza looks. Absolutely revolting

Absolutely raw pizza
Absolutely raw pizza
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