Complaint: Was denied my transfer after being told since September 2021 I would be approved because I was moving an hour away.

on 14 February 2022 about Dollar General in category Convenience Stores

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My complaint:

I was in the market to buy a house so I asked the SM at the time if a transfer would be possible because the house I was getting was an hour away and was told yes to let them know when I actually moved. Fast forward to February 2022, I purchased my home and again asked the DM about my transfer. I was told to find a store accepting my position for ASM and she would do the transfer. Found a store 15 minutes away from my new house and it even paid more than the same position at my current store, had an interview and was told I got the job they just needed my DMs approval. She was aware of my interview date because I had sent it to her. The DM at the new location tried and tried calling, no answers or return calls almost a week later. In the meantime, my DM I’d visiting other stores talking about my store and how she’s not going to do any transfers. I am currently Acting Manager, getting paid the same wage as I am as ASM and I have to drive an hour away at least twice a day to deal with this store because it’s constant call offs or no shows and i am having to borrow money to get there. It’s absolutely ridiculous

Suggested solution:

Transfer me, that's it. I want out of that hell hole and away from the lady that straight lied to me. I cannot work for or with dishonest people, I do have ethics.

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