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I have been a loyal DG customer for years. I go at least 2 times per week, I never use my $5.00 off coupon, I pay the full price every time. at some of your stores you have the nicest people. But today was the worst experience I have ever had at any of your stores. There were 2 cashiers working since there was a line (since boxes and carts riddled most holiday isles, one of them should have been out there on the floor I assume–big safety hazard all the blockage). anyway, the lady in front of me was being helped on register 2. when she left I placed my items (over $60 worth, so it wasn’t just 1 or 2 items) on the counter. I waited and waited. the cashier was gone. I leaned forward over the counter to see where she went, she was crouched down on the floor counting something. I asked if she was going to help me since the line didn’t end with the woman in front of me. she said no sorry I needed to go to register 1. Needless to say I was not happy about that. I may have tossed my items back into my buggy. while I was waiting for the lady now at register 1 in front of me I could hear the cashier talking to the customer about me!! laughing and I can only assume, making fun of the fact I stood there waiting for no one. when it was my turn I walked up to the register, placed all my items on the counter, and watched the cashier. she rang up my items and didn’t say a word. I asked her if she was going to speak to me. at the very least acknowledge the fact that she had a customer she was waiting on. she proceeded to say what my total was. nothing else. wouldn’t even make eye contact. This display of utter disregard for a person standing in front of you, especially a paying customer, is absolutely uncalled for. I understand that DGs are no Walmart or fancy stores, but there is NEVER an excuse for rude associates. especially ones who think it’s already to behave totally unprofessional in front of and toward customers. Her name tag said Faith. I will never return to this store again, nor will any of my friends or associates.

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my suggestion in regards to this young lady and her lack of customer service skills would be to attempt to retrain her or remind her that in the service industry you must always be aware of what you say and how you behave.

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