Dollar General complaint: lack of service

on 26 August 2022 about Dollar General in category Convenience Stores

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My complaint:

This is a very poorly managed store with which I’ve had this issue several times in the past and it is getting worse. I was in this store today, 08-26-2022 at approximately 0950. I stood at the checkout for several minutes and then left walking through the store looking for an employee.
I found one stocking shelves and asked her to come to the checkout. She ignored me so I tried to hand her my purchases but she continued to ignore me. I put my purchase on the shelf in front of her and said, Here-you need these more than I do. As I was walking away she said, Have a nice day.
She never asked me what I wanted or how she could help me.
I will not shop in this store again until you notify me that that employees has been retrained and the manager replaced.

Suggested solution:

By training their employees to monitor the checkout and wait on customers and by either retraining or replacing the manager.

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