Complaint: Irregular Hours

on 22 March 2020 about Dollar General in category Convenience Stores

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My complaint:

The store in the 2300 block of West Broadway in Louisville, KY is absolutely terrible. There is no way to know when you go to shop if the store will be open. They will close the doors at 12 PM, or maybe 6:17 PM as they just did. Not once or twice. It’s literally a running joke in the neighborhood, and I laughed a few times myself. Now with Covid-19 I’m not laughing anymore as I try to go shop for toilet paper and some food at DG instead of Kroger maybe avoid as big of a crowd only to have the store locked in front of my face as I went to open it. The store hours had been written on a piece of paper taped to the window, because they removed any contact information to complain or any plaque containing set store hours that every single other store in existence has hanging up. The piece of paper said 7 PM closing, and there were ppl standing in line checking out, but it was 6:17 PM. I said You’re closing now? but he just looked at me and no answer. I stood outside the door and waited on him to let out one of the customers checking out still, and when he did I started to speak and he just started repeating over and over We’re locking the doors, we’re locking the doors, we’re locking the doors… until he got the door shut, that way I couldn’t ask about the hours or ask if I could just grab a couple items. It’s not as if it was 6:55. There were 43 minutes left for me to be gone. Any other time, maybe I would’ve laughed it off like I’ve laughed off the other 50 times this store closes when the employees just feel like it, but I have children staying in my home right now, we’re all scared to death. Cant laugh much. Nothing probably be done I’m sure, because this has been going on for over a year and nothing changed yet. But I couldn’t just not say anything. Not today.

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Without being smart or condescending I can honestly say the only option at this time is to literally fire every employee that works there and start over. Ir close the doors for good. Either way. Wouldn't change much, since it's never open anyway.

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