Dollar General complaint: Bartlesville dollar general blonde curly hair manager

on 28 October 2022 about Dollar General in category Convenience Stores

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My complaint:

I go into this dollar general for everything. Multiple times I’ve heard customers complain about a blonde mid age curly hair lady who works there who is constantly accusing people of taking things, following them throughout the store having her own daughters who don’t work there following people as well. I get it she’s trying to protect merchandise, I’m not a thief so didn’t bother me really She is always eyeing me when I come in but she had never accused me that is until today. Which now does make it a problem with me because I’m not going to have a lady embarrass me in front of other she told me I stole than when I went and put this tea back that I couldn’t afford I took it out of my purse which blew me away cause that didn’t even happen and her daughter who was following me should’ve known that. But to loudly in front of everyone call me a thief and go ahead to tell me I’m now banned from the only store near me I can Get food At that I’m able to walk to mind you I’m pregnant as well was so embarrassing I even but my tongue and told her to check my bags and look at her cameras cause I had nothing to hide Of course she wouldn’t because she knows at that point since I was telling her to check I had nothing and she knows she made up that I took it out of my purse when I put the tea back and she Didn’t want to look dumb in front of all the people so instead I looked stupid and she kept cutting me off saying don’t come back in my store. I understand protecting merchandise but falsely accusing people and I’m not the first iVe seen her do the same thing to someone Else almost every time I’m in the store, customers just as upset as I am Yelling all the way out. I’ve heard people ask for corporates number with her telling them corporate doesn’t have a Number. Come on if she wasn’t doing anything wrong why would she not give someone corporates number. Dollar general you guys need to do something about your employees harassing customers to that extent I can tell you you’ve lost many customers not just from her banning whoever she thinks is stealing which is anyone who doesn’t look right to her she’s beyond paranoid she’s not just following people she has her daughters following people at the same time. You guys are a billion dollar industry so I’m sure one store loosing customers won’t affect you too much I’m just writing to hopefully see that you guys care about your customers and will do something about an employee who is putting your customers through it. I’m not the first nor will I be the last. I hope this reaches someone who cares about dollar generals Customers and how there treated.

Suggested solution:

She needs to be put in her place. I get loss prevention I do but even when I was telling her to go ahead search me she blew me off and banned me because she knew searching me wouldn’t back up her claim and wouldn’t go check the cameras cause it would show all I did was put the tea back her saying I took it out of my purse and put it back was her excuse and my personal opinion is you shouldn’t keep employees who lie just to ban customers due to her being overly paranoid. Matter fact she’s so paranoid I wouldn’t be shocked if she was on drugs. I’ve seen it so many times and today it happened to me. Tbh she should loose her job. Treating customers like that is sickening. Plus having her two kids harass customers too.

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