Complaint: Losing favorite shows to make more money

on 31 January 2021 about Discovery channel in category Broadcasting Network

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My complaint:

We have loved Discovery Channel for as long as we can remember and now we are losing our favorite shows from Discovery and Travel Channel to this Discovery just for them to make more money. It is completely crap. My house hold and the vast majority of my family and friends are highly considering getting rid of every Channel that is associated with Discovery and Travel Channel.

Most people are having so many problems financially that that it is completely insane to me that companies are getting so greedy thst they would move our favorite shows and change more money to see them again.

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Suggested solution:

Allow people to enjoy the programming they love with the tv packages they already pay for instead of taking them away and putting them on an app to make more money just to watch them again.

Greed seems to be all this country is about anymore

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Chuck Faubel
Chuck Faubel (@guest_2645)
10 months ago

We’re already paying for these channels, and now they want want to make more money during a time in history where people around the world have lost jobs & continue to lose jobs. How inconsiderate of you people. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Just another example of how money goes to money. How unfair. Shame on you people.