Complaint: Advertising out of control

on 02 February 2021 about Discovery channel in category Broadcasting Network

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My complaint:

I am a huge fan of the science channel and watch it often. You guys have always drilled commercials into my brain by playing the same commercials each and every break. In a one hour show the same commercial 6 to 8 times. But now you guys have crossed the line with the Discovery plus banner non stop in the upper right hand corner and then various other animated distracting advertisements in the lower left hand corner during the show. The programming is no longer enjoyable. I pay 250 a month for cable and internet. If paying 5 bucks a month would make these in show banners stop i would gladly pay it. I cant even get Discovery plus if i wanted it. ComcastXfinity does not support it and my brand new smart tv does not support it either.. what exactly are you trying to sell? Do you expect me to watch streaming tv on my cell phone?? Seriously??

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Suggested solution:

Let customers enjoy the program. We will suffer through your relentless commercials. Just remove the advertising during the show. The banners, the animated dogs running across my screen, etc. And nobody is gonna pay for discovery plus if they cant watch it on their tv. So figure that one out.

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