Discovery channel complaint: Host inappropriate on program

on 31 October 2022 about Discovery channel in category Broadcasting Network

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My complaint:

When I was watching My Lottery Winner Show yesterday, 103022, I thought David Bromstad’s behavior as a host was inappropriate. The show was about David finding a home for a single parent with a young boy. While showing the house to the father. Daivid asked to hold the man’s hand and they walked off camera hand-in-hand. I thought David was flirtatious with this man when it was inappropriate for the situation. The man was not flirting with David and it seemed holding this man’s hand seemed like a boundary violation and unprofessional. Then in another scene the man (client) was testing the kitchen hardware and water pressure. David said “you really like the hose” or words to that effect. I thought this was an immature comment if not bordering on harassment, similar to the hand – holding request. David seemed to assume the man was gay or was trying to introduce him to a gay relationship. I do not care if these two men are gay. David’s presentation as host in that episode does not make the show look good.
David needs to respect peoples’ boundaries and not impose his flirtatious (while hosting), on others. If David were not gay, I would feel the same if he made similar comments to a woman. My complaint is about respecting boundaries, not orientation.
Linda June

Suggested solution:

Talk to David to respect boundaries.

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