Dickeys Barbecue Pit complaint: Always has been an issue. In the past I’ve received credit

on 26 September 2022 about Dickeys Barbecue Pit in category Restaurants

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My complaint:

I’ve had to call in in the past about missing items. Today, I received my order and again it wasn’t correct. So, I decided to fie this complaint. I wasn’t interested in a refund. Although this time it wasn’t as big a problem. It was only 2 extra-add ons items missing.

HOWEVER, they need to do better on checking the order before the driver d485a4d7 picks it up. He did seem to be nervous as I took down his license plate RMK-6651 as he arrived because as he was getting out of the car he was hesitate and uncomfortable with me asking questions. I didn’t get the package with the napkins, folk, spoon etc. as I have in the past. If I pay for food from your business, I expect for it to be perfect.

Suggested solution:

I\'ll let them decide......
I\'ve paid too much over all for my orders for them not to be considerate and understanding due to this issue.

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