Complaint: Scammed!

on 28 February 2021 about in category Retail Company

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My complaint:

I bought 4 tracksuits off a seller, he only sent me 2, he did not notify me that the missing 2 were out of stock, but instead added the tracking number for my missing items to the ones I received, I contacted him to inquire abouy items promised me a refund and over 3 months have past so there no purchase protection, I cannot cancel the order either because he posted the other tracksuits which arrived with the same tracking number that was supposed to be for the missing items and I cannot ask for a refund as purchase protection time has run out and o can’t find any options to claim my money or items.

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Suggested solution:

Well i think it's about time they give me my refund! As the seller told me he would but didn't actually refund me.i alsogave him the option to send me the goods but he said he would give me a refund and has given me none, nor refund nor goods, so I want my refund as soon as possible please

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