Deliveroo complaint: food not delivered refund not received

on 22 November 2022 about Deliveroo in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

I ordered some food from flames via Deliveroo the driver messaged my number to say he was downstairs in carpark I’m on a top floor flat and informed him I was on my way down I got into carpark waved at driver and he drove off after flashing headlights to acknowledge I was there. I contacted Deliveroo via chat who stated there was nothing they could do apart from issue a refund this was on the 9th of November. I Have contacted Deliveroo on 3 occasions after his date due to me receiving no refund the first person I spoke to informed me if I didn’t receive in 10 days to get back InTouch. I still didn’t receive so contacted them again I was told that the refund was processed and that I had to wait 57 days the person I spoke to didn’t let me elaborate and abruptly ended the chat. On the third occasion I had tried to put in an order with Deliveroo and it wouldn’t let me. I spoke to someone on chat who informed me that when I had asked for a refund due to not receiving my order the person, I had spoken to had suspended my Deliveroo account just for asking for a refund in which I am in my rights to do due to paying for a service and not receiving it. I have been informed that I will be contacted within 48 hours by the escalation time which I’ve been told before and this has not happened. I’ve been a Deliveroo user for about 3 years and I’m absolutely appalled at the way I’ve been treated. I’d like the 18-pound 78p from Deliveroo that they said they had refunded I’d also like to know why they felt the need to suspend my account for asking for a refund. I’d also like an apology and a form of compensation for the inconvenience this has caused during a cost-of-living crisis.

Suggested solution:

I Would like Deliveroo to refund the 18 pound 78 I'm entitled too for not receiving my food. I'd like an apology for the way I've been treated as a long standing Deliveroo customer and the rudeness I've endured via chat. I'd like some form of compensation for the inconvenience this has caused me the past few weeks and for me losing out on money during the cost-of-living situation also id like an explanation as to why my account was suspended due to me asking for a refund in which I'm perfectly within my rights to do so due to not receiving the food or service I had paid for.

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