Complaint: Lack of communication and disappointing delivery of product

on 07 February 2022 about CVS Pharmacy in category Pharmacy

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My complaint:

three weeks ago, I gave the CVS at Bussey street in Dedham a disposable camera to have the photos developed. We used all the pictures in the camera.

I never received a call or email saying they were done, I only found out the photos were ready when they tried to give the photos to someone else (I happened to know them, and they told me about it).

When I got it back, there were only 11 photos. We turned in a full camera’s worth (20-30) photos. I was told, at pick up, that the rest of the photos were undevelopable, for any number of possible reasons. This is really maddening to find out at the end of the transaction.

Suggested solution:

I need more transparency and communication through this process. I should be the one who makes the call if a photo gets developed or not. I find it extremely hard to believe that one half-two thirds of the photos were impossible to develop, so I have to question the development of the photos.

There are very meaningful photos I wanted back including ones from my proposal to my fiancé. I am beyond frustrated and disappointed, and I heard absolutely nothing from CVS and then when I find out my photos are done (through a third party), over half of them are missing. Absolutely unacceptable. I want a refund for the film and the camera. Zero communication, half of a product delivered, and no notification there was a potential error until after things we too late.

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