CVS Pharmacy complaint: Extremely unprofessional staff

on 22 August 2022 about CVS Pharmacy in category Pharmacy

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My complaint:

This is the 3rd time I have tried contacting CVS Corporate regarding the same situation. Their workers in their Carbondale Store are extremely rude and unprofessional. They mess up my scripts so much. They call me and ask me to go on their plan and have all my scripts filled at the same time. I tell them yes and thank you – but it never happens. I am on my 2nd day of no script. I just had whoever answered the phone speak to me like she was in high school speaking to her peers. That is very possible she’s in high school but you should NEVER speak down to any customer, especially one that has all her prescriptions through them and has for years. I complained to CVS corporate and never received a response to 2 previous complaints regarding the same issue. Nothing. No email, phone call… I am always late with my refills due to their incompetency. When I call to correct it, they act like they are never at fault but they always are. I had to call my doctor’s office and explain that even though they sent in my prescription, CVS again didn’t have it and that I needed them to stop what they were doing to call CVS – yet again. Very very incompetent staff. My dr office said to call back and tell them it was a new prescription instead of a refill. Apparently CVS does this often. I can deal with their inadequacy but their rudeness is uncalled for.

Suggested solution:

Speak to the girls or girls who speak down to customers the way they do. It should be a professional job and if they can't work well with customers, they should be put in another department; maybe shipping or something where they don't need to speak to anyone

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