Coin Tales complaint: Fraud and scam

on 25 July 2022 about Coin Tales in category Gaming

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My complaint:

My complaint is since the week of the 11th I have been complaining of being over charged for purchases.
I’m not denying all my purchases just the ones I have not made. If I make 23 purchases, then my bill comes in and charged for purchases of all different price ranges that I have not made. Then next day billed again for things I purchased the day before. I have been making complains on my apple account, asking for refund on items I did not purchase and have been refused. I reported fraud and scam report asking for refund and have been refused. Ugh.

Today, I called apple. Was in the phone over an hour going through each item then transferred to someone higher only to be told their is nothing they can do that I need to get a hold of the app holder…..which is both coin master and coin tales. Sad thing is, I made 2 purchases yesterday and billed for 78 items. Ugh. Which lead me to call apple. Just now, I check my email and I have another bill with one item which now I’m billed 4 times for….I only made 2 purchases. I being charged fir items I did not purchase and then sometime billed double to multiple times for a purchase I did make.

I have two weeks of double charges and bogus charges that I have not made and not a damn thing coin master or coin tales will do along with the company that is processing the money. Apple should be standing up and advocating for us when complains are made then write coin master and coin tales off when they don’t want to comply. Coin master and coin tales are making billions off of people yet now I can understand why. They are ripping people off. Coin master and coin tales what you guys are doing is fraud!!! You should be ashamed of yourselves for ripping people off by double charging or charging them for items they have not purchased. Believe me, I will not stop till this is resolved. My next step is better business bureau and more. You guys owe me for many extra charges. I am not disputing all but there is many.

Suggested solution:

Need to contact me and go over the extra charges and double charges….which for those items I would like a refund for. As mentioned, I will not stop till resolved. This is fraud and scamming. You should be ashamed of yourselves for ripping people off.

Through email, I will send you proof, for there is many pages and dates. Keep in mind, not all of the items on the page are in dispute. So contact me please to rectify this problem.

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