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on 09 October 2020 about Coin Master in category Gaming

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My complaint:

So i have been playing Coin Master for 4 years. I log in once a day every day , i also have made some in app purchases in those 4 years. I have requested to become a VIP member since a lot of my friends are VIP, however every time they state that they consider the Stars , level ,and play time stat. Well this is a lie , i have friends that have been playing for a year and are 20 villages beneath me and are VIP. If it was truly considered the level and play time ,. I would already be a VIP. From 2 years i have requested this and every time the same answer, they also refuse to escalate the ticket to a manager or supervisor. I think they make people that are on a lower level VIP , since they hope this way they will push them to make an IAP purchase, since a player that is on a higher level and has bought nothing so far will likely make an IAP even if he is a VIP. This is a discrimination between players also there is no official statement anywhere about VIP status rules which by itself makes it illegal, since this is like a private bar , nobody knows what goes there , they can even offer you to gamble and make money of this without declaring it. I have consulted with EU electronics customer rights. According to them if they have a VIP status but it is not declared anywhere it is illegal. They want proof of the correspondence with them and they said that, i can take legal actions against them.

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Suggested solution:

Made me a VIP or list somewhere rules of how to become VIP and declare it officially

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