Coin Master complaint: Unfair scoring for spins

on 02 June 2020 about Coin Master in category Gaming

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My complaint:

I’ve been playing for a while and I’ve spent quite a bit of money for spins. So last night I was attempting to score 7,800 spins and I only had about 100 spins left to be able to score them and when I attempted to play today, all my hard effort to try and get the spins we’re gone. I’ve even invested in more spins when I’ve had 5000 spins left so maybe I’d be able to get in first place. But when I was trying to get the 7,800 spins and used a few thousand spins to try and get it, it hardly gave me _ _ _ _. So after trying to get the spins and losing thousands of spins to get them and not getting them, I’m not investing any more money in this game unless they make it right. Cause now that I’ve gotten down to hardly any spins it’s now giving me points. Now I’ve used all my spins they can kiss my _ _ _ if they think I’m going to invest anymore on this game. And it’s to bad too cause I really liked the game. They can make it right by letting me have the same amount of spins and bonuses as everyone else who doesn’t have a crap load of spins. Like I said now that I’m down to nothing and now I’m in 14th place. I’m not spending another penny on a game that scores are screwed up on.

Suggested solution:

By giving me a crap load of spins again to keep playing like I have been playing. Cause I’m not investing in this game again unless they make it up to me, otherwise I’ll just play once a day with the daily freebies only.

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