Complaint: Refused a refund after accidental purchase then doesn’t follow their own rules!

on 24 August 2020 about Coin Master in category Gaming

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My complaint:

Back on April 22nd of this year (2020) I had accidently fallen asleep while playing the game and was buying chests with my coin stock that was over 100 billion coins and when I woke up I realized I feel asleep on top my phone and managed to purchase the $100 ($105.49 with tax) coin package which was for a lousy 500 million coins which was like nothing compared to the huge stock of coins I had. When I contacted Google play they said I had to contact the app developer to get a refund. When I contacted coin master I didn’t get a response back until 3 emails and 4 days later only to be told that I had to contact Google. I told them I had already done so and they said moon active is responsible and then couldn’t get a reply back. I contacted them another 4 times between April 26th and may 3rd before finally getting another response telling me yet again to contact Google and when I responded with what the lady in the Google chat had told me to tell them somebody else responded back to me and told me that since they have me the 500 million coins, which they could have easily taken back if they wanted to, that they could not give me a refund. I told the lady at Google I had been chatting with about what they kept telling me and she opened up an investigation with moon active on my behalf due to them refusing to take responsibility and giving me a refund.

Unfortunately I STILL haven’t received my money back and I have continued to keep playing without spending another dime on the game and now I participated in their friend zone event on August 16th which in the rules stated that 1 in 100 tickets will win. I collected over 100 tickets and never got my rewards for it and when I contacted them at first they said it takes time to issue rewards and to wait a little longer. I forgot about it until 4 days later when another friend zone event started and contacted them again only to be told that their 1 in 100 tickets are winners crap is a lie and they pick winners randomly and that I was not a winner! What kind of game doesn’t follow their own rules! I’m currently looking into how to start a class action lawsuit against them! They need to at least give me my $105.49 back and all the spins they cheated me out of that I should have won according to their own rules!!! There’s other small issues of them ripping me off also but these are the 2 major ones!

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They should resolve my complaint by giving me back my $105.49 they stole from me! Asking with all the spins I was cheated out of!! And they also need to change their friend zone event to say winners are chosen at random instead of it saying 1 in 100 tickets are winners!!

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