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My wife and I had almost 1,600.00 in fraudulent charges to our bank account and roughly 600.00 came from moon active which is Coin Master our bank investigated everything thoroughly and determined there was definitely fraudulent activity and refunded us back everything and because our bank reversed everything Google Play suspended my account when I saw this I contacted Google Play to let them know what had happened to my bank account and even sent them a picture of the charges from moon active and that we now have new banking information which includes our debit cards so we shut down our old account…I used my debit card one time while I was waiting for my replacement card from Chime to arrive which is the card I always used in the past for any game purchases and they still have yet to reactivate my account and recently I bought a Google Play gift card with 35.00 from a local store in my city when I tried using it it said the code is no good so I contacted Google Play and the policy is to send them a copy of my receipt, a picture of the card front and back and identification which I did all that and they tell me the gift card will work once my account is back active so now I have a suspended account and a gift card that won’t work so they’re putting me in adult timeout all because my bank refunded us back our money and the last time I checked banks aren’t in the business of just handing out money to people unless beyond a shadow of a doubt they’re entitled to it after doing an intense investigation

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I don't want to close my account because I enjoy playing my game in my off time which I've been doing for quite awhile so I'd appreciate it if they would unsuspend my account, give me my 35.00 credit for the gift card I purchased, let me use my Chime card which is on file through Google Play and call it a day...I didn't ask to have fraudulent charges on my bank account and when bank investigators found us not liable then why is Google Play and Coin Master saying I'm liable

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10 months ago - We have posted a tweet about your new complaint about Coin Master

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