Coin Master complaint: Program glitch

on 03 September 2022 about Coin Master in category Gaming

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My complaint:

My team mate asked for a card to be donated. My account showed I had two of that card so I was able to donate her one. Right after donating her my EXTRA card, I all of a sudden don’t have any and now need that card donated to me. My team mate recieved the card from me and thanked me. Coin master is saying I never had the card to begin with and will not do anything to help. I’ve made numerous purchases, no help, just keep telling me I’m wrong and their system that messed up in the first place is right. I took screen shots if the messages from my team mate thanking me for the card, which also shows me having to request the card back. They ignore it and say customer care and happiness is their first priority but won’t give me my missing card back.

Suggested solution:

They should at least give me my missing card back. But now after all the bad emails telling me I’m wrong etc…… I’m not sure

Program glitch
Program glitch
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