Complaint: Multiple problems that cost me to loose things

on 20 February 2021 about Coin Master in category Gaming

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My complaint:

The first problem I had was that My Rino was on 66% but when he should have leveled up to 67% it didn’t! If you look now it says he is on 66%, and when you look under it, it says next level is 66%! You can see there is an obvious issue! Then while I was playing around 12 pm yesterday I hit the daily free 15 minutes for the tiger. The time started counting down but it still said it was hungry and did not work! Then the game completely went off! I logged back on and used a life because the free one hadn’t worked. I continued to play but the game kept just going off! One time I bought a card chest for $50,000 but before it showed the cards to pick from it knocked me off. It took the money but didn’t give me a card! Another time I got three hammers but before I could pick something to hit I was knocked off again! It was during the time where if you hit three hammers you received points towards more spins (a large amount, I can’t remember the exact amount)! I stopped playing because of all the glitches! I played again at 6 and 9 pm and both times I had more issues like the others where I lost money, cards, points, etc. This was and is extremely frustrating!

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I hope they can fix the glitches because I really do love this game and have spent a lot of money on this game! I am also hoping that I could be refunded in some fashion or form, for everything I lost and for how frustrating it was all day long yesterday!

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