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on 23 July 2020 about Coin Master in category Gaming

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I have deposit over $1,000 into this game or more on the last few weeks all kinds of issues started to happen vant foeload content spinning got nothing cant play in tourneys no purpose in spinning win nothing but points if I can get enough to upgrade villages contacted support over 25 times no response 3 weeks of nothing or more s game that took over 1000 dollars won’t help then I read this has happened to do many other people with same results I wish I could hey . I wish they return some of money since they do nothing I have sent them screenshot after screenshot of what my game looks like I have gone to my friends and they have sent me screenshots and have normal coin Master pages I don’t understand why mine doesn’t work there is no sense in playing the game if you’re spinning for nothing I can’t even play in a tournament all I can do is spin and I’m not purchasing any more I have given them so much of my money and nothing from them no answers and I have followed all the directions on installing the game reinstalling the game clearing the cache a over and over and over nothing works and this all started about three weeks ago to four weeks ago 6 days I went with nothing then all the sudden I got the game back and then again it started 3 days ago and this game coin Master doesn’t care to help me I get no answers from them I search for my own answers and I don’t like what I’m seeing and my friends are going to give up on this game eventually because they’re having issues to some of them but their problems have gone on as long as mine I just want the game fixed because of all the money I spent or give me back some of my money

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Fix the game answer my responses or give me back some of my money I have spent over $1,000 or more on this game and I feel like I've been ripped off because they don't answer me they don't fix the game that I put a lot of time into so unfair of this game to do this to the players or some of the players I appreciate if someone can help me and make some kind of effort to contact me

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1 year ago - We have posted a tweet about your new complaint about Coin Master

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