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on 13 March 2020 about Coin Master in category Gaming

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My complaint:

Today in the morning i saw that two of my friends had attacked me multiple times, and I was planning attacking them back, but every time I got to attack it came up “Connection lost”. It happened every time, and when I refreshed the game I couldn’t attack and the spins were gone. I got very upset because I couldn’t attack them back. Please fix this situation. Because I can’t attack or raid now, and everything else on the game is working and my internet is completely working fine.

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Suggested solution:

You can maybe give me some spins because I lost some, and I am very upset.

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7 months ago - We have posted a tweet about your new complaint about Coin Master

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Natalie (@guest_1180)
4 months ago

The same exact thing keeps happening to me. I just lost 2 attacks and a raid bc of this. I’m done with this app. This has been happening for the last week and there’s no updates. I’ve deleted and reinstalled with nothing fixed.

suresh sahu
suresh sahu (@guest_1276)
3 months ago
Reply to  Natalie

many times i have complained but there is no solution…

12345 (@guest_1547)
2 months ago

I also encounter this with two people. They’re cheaters!

Madeline Felix
Madeline Felix (@guest_2221)
3 days ago
Reply to  12345

How can they do that? Its happening to me with one person

Bing Bing
Bing Bing (@guest_2018)
1 month ago

This happened to me as well. Im angry! They are cheaters! how could I report these people ?

ikmut71 (@guest_2067)
21 days ago
Reply to  Bing Bing

True enough, I already unfriended my friend months ago in facebook and she can still attack my village 4 times consecutively, I even ran out of shields as she attacks multiple times and raid as well, which I cant attack her village back because of this “Connection Lost” thing. As of now, I leave my village empty for her not to have an option to destroy mine. It just that she can still raid my coins.

Madeline Felix
Madeline Felix (@guest_2220)
3 days ago
Reply to  ikmut71

This happens to me with one friend . Gow can I stopped it

Dee (@guest_2218)
3 days ago

When I go to attack a friends village it says connection lost every single time. I can attack others but not hers, why?

Anne (@guest_2226)
1 day ago

I did encounter with 1 friend. She can attack muy village but I can’t attack back hers. It always says connection error. try again. The other one shows her village always empty. Nothing built but I can see her play as she stole my treasures and attacked my village often. What’s happening with this game app???

Last edited 1 day ago by Anne