Complaint: Buying chest

on 01 September 2020 about Coin Master in category Gaming

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My complaint:

My problem is I spends a lot of coins I mean billions of coins but I didn’t get new card yesterday I buy magical chest over 10 billions coins but I get only 1 new card and is not golden card one of my friends if he buy chest all the time he gets new card but for me no any new card what happens I buy the chest just because of new card but I just westing coins no new card my Facebook user is Salma Gambo Ahmad I hop my complain will be granted even now I spend 7 billions coins at once but no any new card 7 billions am really disappointed with this game i have almost 5 different set only one one golden card I need that’s why I stopped building I just buy cards just to get golden card I need spin but 7 billions coins imagine no any new card

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I just want them to give me new card if I buy chest even raid I can spend more than 2k spin before I got 1 raid before I like this game but now the problem I got is getting out of my mind

Comment by poster of the complaint Salma Gambo Ahmad

2 weeks ago - Seriously am disappointed with this game now at once I spend 7 billions coins I have almost 5 set only one one colden cards I need to set it complete 7 billions coins imagine no any new card at once no any new card am disappointed with this game am soo angry about I think I have to stop playing this game

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