Complaint: Absolutely fuming!

on 11 April 2021 about Coin Master in category Gaming

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My complaint:

I’ve been stuck in a position where I’ve completed all my sets. I’ve had to level up from 155 to 160 in order to open new sets. I’ve now opened three sets after finally doing level 159. Reaching my 4K spins target to get around 9BN to complete it. I spent 8.99 on a package on coin master to get the free bonus that was after it. After purchasing this I realised I would have to buy it again at 8.99 to receive it. Luckily I got my target and 2.8BN to spend on Viking quest which I had already set up primed to receive my first gold card. I was horrified to see it had given me a card I already had from a few sets ago regardless of the fact I have three sets open to choose from. It’s stressful when you put so much time in to it and real money and be a leader on a full capacity group. I don’t want this experience to ruin the game I play everyday.

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Suggested solution:

I understand you can’t give me a new gold card even if it was random but new. I don’t know how to resolve the issue as I know you probably won’t refund the 8.99. A good will gesture of spins would be nice as I genuinely feel cheated by the game. My email address is

Absolutely fuming!
Absolutely fuming!
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