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on 25 July 2022 about Cineplex in category Entertainment Company

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My complaint:

I am a support worker of persons with disabilities. The client I am supporting today, who regularly comes to this location to play games. Which is usually met with pleasant workers. Today was not the case. The two at the door said it won’t be open yet. I asked if they could open it for a short while as it had never been an issue. Their response was to call the manager to assist. The manager was extremely rude, and dismissive. His ton was inexcusable for the questions I asked. He just kept saying his short staff and doesn’t care.. I mentioned to him, how it has always been opened up for him. Even when short staff. He still dismissed my request and kept walking away… Establishments like this are meant to bring joy to customers. That’s why they are created. Today, a young man was robbed of his fun and had a horrible experience with your manager. He should not be one.

Suggested solution:

Been a lot more gentler with their words. Tried to be more supportive to customers, especially ones with disabilities. No one ever deserves to be treated that way.

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