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on 21 October 2021 about Chipotle in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

On 10132021 I ordered in the lobby a smoked brisket bowl. The two people that processed my order were fine, friendly and helpful. Wehn I went to pay at the end of the counter I was confronted by an angry, unpleasant, aggressive and nasty register operator named Tamithia. My total bill was 10.10, I had a twenty dollar bill in my hand and JOKINGLY I reached in the tip canister for a dime so it would make it 20.10. I had planned on putting the 10 dollars INTO the tip jar after paying as a way to say thanks to the staff for being there. Instead she snatched the canister out of my hand and screamed THAT’S OUR TIP JAR!! she then proceeded to scream at me AGAIN stating that WE DONT TAKE CASH..YOU GOTTA USE THE CARD MACHINE…WE DONT MAKE CHANGE!!! She said this repeatedly. I disagree with a tip jar as it is so this whole experience soured me even more. Getting tips for DOING YOUR JOB is ridiculous. I work at an area hospital in Parma OH and told my whole department about this. WE WILL BE BOYCOTTING this restaurant as a result of this. We normally order there for lunch at least twice a week X 25 people..not anymore. This employee needs retraining or relocating to where she is not working with the public. In this day and age customer service should be PARAMOUNT in the service industry !

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Suggested solution:

Retrain or relocate employee.
REMOVE tip jar

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